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Il vaporizzatore a penna Storm è un vaporizzatore portatile di alta qualità, semplice da usare e ben costruito, che riesce a gestire erba, resine e oli.

Storm battery

A replaceable 18650 battery for your Storm vaporizer pen.

Storm bubbler mouthpiece

Glass bubbler mouthpiece for incredibly soft and moisture-conditioned clouds of vapour.

Storm carry case

Small but sturdy carry case with enough room to fit your Storm vape pen, accessories and spare batteries.

Storm glass mouthpiece

A glass mouthpiece for use with the Storm vaporizer.

Storm mouthpiece

Replacement mouthpiece for the Storm vaporizer.

Storm neoprene sleeve

A protective travel sleeve for your Storm vaporizer pen.

Storm resin capsule

The Storm resin capsule is designed for the use of pressed solid resins in the Storm vaporizer.

Storm screen set

This screen set contains two mouthpiece screens and two heating chamber screens at the perfect size for use in the Storm vaporizer.

Storm steel concentrate capsule

A replacement stainless steel concentrate capsule for the Storm vaporizer allows the user to vape resin and oils.

Storm titanium concentrate capsule

Storm vaporizer concentrate capsule made out of titanium, for true connoisseurs.

Storm water tool adapter

A glass adapter to attach your Storm vaporizer to a bubbler or any other 14 mm water tool. Includes a stainless steel screen.