Focus V Carta dry herb atomizer

Use the Focus V Carta concentrate vaporizer with dry herb thanks to this dedicated atomizer.

Focus V Carta glass top

Replacement glass top for the Focus V Carta vaporizer.

Focusvape bubbler

This glass bubbler is compatible with every Focusvape model. It's easy to use, simply put the bubbler on top of the mouthpiece.

Focus V Carta batteria (2 pezzi)

Due batterie di ricambio per il vaporizzatore per concentrati Focus V Carta.

Focus V Carta titanium bucket

Two titanium buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer.

Focus V Carta quartz bucket

Two quartz buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer.

Focusvape Pro/Pro S batteria

3200 mAh battery for the Forusvape Pro or Focusvape Pro S vaporizer.

Focusvape batteria

Spare 2500 mAh battery for the Focusvape.

Focusvape Pro S bubbler adapter

This Focusvape bubbler adapter allows you to connect the Focusvape Pro S to the Focusvape bubbler.

Focusvape Pro chamber connector

The Focusvape Pro chamber connector connects the pyrex glass mouthpiece with the chamber of the Focusvape. The chamber connector comes with a ceramic filter and a stainless steel mouthpiece screen.

Focusvape water pipe adapter

This Focusvape water pipe adapter allows connection to any water piece with a 14 mm or an 18 mm connection. The adapter is compatible with every Focusvape model.

Focusvape Pro S screw cap

This is a spare or replacement screw cap for the Focusvape Pro S. The cap is meant to keep the battery in place.

Focusvape (Pro) screw cap

This is a spare or replacement screw cap for the Focusvape. The cap is meant to keep the battery in place.

Focusvape capsule container

The Focusvape capsule container is a handy, safe and discreet way to transport pre-loaded pods on a keyring. There is space for two in the container, available in green and silver.

Disponibile in Green argento

Focusvape cavo USB

A spare or replacement Focusvape USB cable. The Focusvape can be used while it's charging and the cable is compatible with all models.

Focusvape bocchino in vetro pyrex

A spare or replacement pyrex glass mouthpiece, to use with all of the Focusvape models.

Focusvape dabber

This Focusvape dabber allows for easy loading of concentrate of the liquid pod or the ceramic wax pod of the Focusvape.

Focusvape capsula per erba essiccata

This Focusvape dry herb pod allows for pre-loading the vape. The pod is made of stainless steel, and is compatible with all Focusvape models.

Focusvape capsula per liquidi

Trasforma il tuo Focusvape in un dispositivo per la vaporizzazione dei tuoi oli preferiti con questa comoda capsula per liquidi.

Focusvape silicone mouthpiece cap

The Focusvape silicone mouthpiece cap can be used to protect the glass mouthpiece of each Focusvape model during transport. Using multiple silicone caps also offers a more hygienic option when sharing...

Focusvape ceramic wax pod

This ceramic wax pod makes vaping waxy concentrates with the Focusvape possible.

Focusvape scovolino

Use this handy cleaning brush to get the Focusvape in its best shape.

Focusvape retine per la camera

A pack of 3 stainless steel screens for the chamber for the Focusvape.

Focusvape mouthpiece screens

A set of 3 spare or replacement mouthpiece screens for all of the Focusvape models.