Capsule Machine ("1")

Finally it is possible to make your own capsules with this small, but very effective capsule machine. Simply make your own blend of herbs and seeds, fill the machine with it, push and 24 professional...

Capsule Machine size 0

With this small but very effective machine you can fill capsules (size "0") with your own blend of herbs and seeds.

Empty capsules

One hundred empty capsules. These capsules can be filled with your herb of choice, either by hand or by using the Capsule Machine.

Disponibile in size 1, gelatin, 100 caps size 1, vegetarian, 100 caps 100 caps 100 caps vegetarian, 100 caps gelatin, 100 caps

The Capsule Machine Soluzione per tenuta...

La Capsule Machine ti aiuta a preservare le tue capsule senza perdite. Qui puoi trovare una ricarica per la soluzione di tenuta.