A causa di restrizioni di trasporto a livello internazionale, l'elaborazione dell'ordine potrebbe subire dei ritardi.

Higher Standards wraps (25 pacchetti da...

Higher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps offre la soluzione perfetta per un'esperienza di fumo di classe, gustosa e a lenta combustione.

Libro del Filtro

Filter book with 50 tips

Roach Clip Glass Mushroom

Hold on to the last bit of joint in style. This pack of roach clips contains 4 glass mushrooms roach clips in 4 different colours.

Smoking King Size

The "Miquel y Costas & Miquel" rolling paper company was founded in 1879 in Barcelona, Spain. In 1929 they introduced the brand name "Smoking". Their high quality paper became an icon of various gener...

Disponibile in blue, 50 pieces brown, 50 pieces black deluxe, 50 pieces eco, 50 pieces green, 50 pieces master silver, 50 pieces red, 50 pieces slim gold, 50 pieces